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extrusion problems after 3 layers

Posted by Karzin 
extrusion problems after 3 layers
July 03, 2017 08:26AM
Im using a MK8 extruder on my machine and lately i've been trying to get the settings right form it (currently i've 0.4 nozzle and 130 steps/mm at 215degrees) and when i start the print i usually get the first 3 layers done relatively okay, however since layer 4 it starts extruding really slowly (in such a way that the etxruded plastic is as thin as a hair, almost as if the extruder stopped turning at all, after some time there is no more plastic coming out.

does anybody know how to deal with this?
Re: extrusion problems after 3 layers
July 05, 2017 05:07AM
Layer heigth? Cheap filament? 215 deg is too high for PLA and too low for ABS. What are you printing? E stepper missing steps? Grinding filament?
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