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Wades extruder - spring tension

Posted by Banana_Luke 
Wades extruder - spring tension
July 22, 2017 04:28PM
Hey every one!

i started getting problems with my wades extruder when using springs. In the beginning I was using one screw only... and it worked...

Well... now I'm using two springs, well now only one, and i allways get the extruder or hotend jamming.

well there are actually two things that happen:

option 1: The filament gets stuck when leaving the extruder after the hobbed gear and gets bent strong and breaks.

option 2: The hobbed bolt chews up my beautiful filament ;(

Well... every thing is very spring tension dependend... since when there is to much pressure on it, the filament gets deformed a lot and causes high friction in the PTFE tubing...

The cooler of the hottend also seems a bit to narrow... The filament also has 1.8 mm... but when I insert it deformed in the PTFE tubing its not moving that easy...

Pushing the fillament throught with the fingers feels like pushing through cold butter...

so... my questions:

1.) Is the spring tension really that delicate?

2.) Does it often happen that PTFE tubings are to narrow so filament stucks?

3.) What is the best buy for extruder and hotend? Since maybe there is a problem...

4.) Should I drill the cooler out a little bit or is that meant to be so?

regards luke
Re: Wades extruder - spring tension
July 23, 2017 02:08AM
Gregg Wade's extruder had his time when 3mm filament was popular. For 1.75mm filament it isn't necessary. Or in your case, make things worse.
The extruder should better skip steps instead of grinding through the filament.

@1. Check the filament path between hobbed gear and bottom of the extruder. Do they line up propperly?
@3. See note above. An all_metal_direct_drive or E3D titan will both work for Bowden tube setups.
@4. I had a E3D-clone heatsink where the filament path was too narrow. I had to drill it open to 4.5mm and push the PTFE tube all the way down to the heatbarrier. You might also have to drill open the push-fit.

Filament should go through easily.
Re: Wades extruder - spring tension
July 24, 2017 06:06AM

2.) Does it often happen that PTFE tubings are to narrow so filament stucks?

Yes, seems so.
I just bought some clear PTFE tube to replace my white-ish stuff on a bowden set-up. The ID is smaller to the point where filament is much stiffer to push.
Re: Wades extruder - spring tension
July 24, 2017 03:39PM
Hey ho!

I resolved the problem by drilling out the "cooler" from the hotend... it was to narrow...

Finally! Last bug fixed on my 3D printer! YEAH!

From now on... its happy printing winking smiley

thank you all for your help guys... also on the other threads.

Yours sincerly,
Banana_Luke winking smiley
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