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Z axis inverted Anycubic Pursa i3

Posted by HCMayer 
Z axis inverted Anycubic Pursa i3
August 02, 2017 03:42PM

Since yesterday I am the proud owner of a new Anycubic Pursa i3 dualextruder.
Setting it up was fun, but i have reached a point were I dont know what to do.

The homing funktion works fine ( extruder moving in x and z axis; Bed in y ) with limitswich at the backside of the bed an bottom of the z axis as well as left side of extruder.
I have now generated a gcode with CURA to testprint.

Problem: whilst printing the printer tries to move the z achsis into the bed, therefore not applying any fruther layers.

I am not that good with software ( especially firmware like the one on the trigorilla board) but i am happy for any suggestions.

( English is not my native language )

PS: I'm not even sure if this is the correct forum part for this question

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