blobs on Benchy
August 28, 2017 01:08PM
Hi all,
Iam trying to remove blobs on Benchy but with no success. I tried different retraction length and multiplier also. I watched print and always among loops there is created drop which lands
on perimeters. I use Slic3r, Benchy is from ABS. Is there any setting in Slic3r which affect mostly blobing ? I found that simplify3d has coasting method, is there something similar in Slic3er ?
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Re: blobs on Benchy
August 29, 2017 12:13PM
Hi Arnold,
First, what is your Printer setup? Bowden, direct.....
I see also strings inside your benchy model. If the retract is ok, so check next your temperature.
Maybe you can decrease it, that is also better for your retract.

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Re: blobs on Benchy
August 30, 2017 03:09PM
I use bowden. In attachment is my last try after one day testing smiling smiley
I have 9mm retraction 100mm/s and 240 °C for ABS. I tried also less like 235 or 225 but its more brittle and in low temperatures there is
a little gap between perimeters and infill. I tried to set overlap and it does not work, only higher temperature solved it.
Print is so so but the chimney is terrible.
ABS is so problematic, is there any info for the best way for calibrating ABS ?

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Re: blobs on Benchy
August 30, 2017 06:42PM
ABS needs a bit of time with cooling. I could never print one benchy and have it look good. When I printed two at the same time it looked much better.
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