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Print head dragging on preceding layers

Posted by Cake 
Print head dragging on preceding layers
October 09, 2017 03:44PM
Hi, I am pretty new to 3D printing. I noticed while printing that the print head is slightly touching the preceding layer. It's noticeable on small or thin parts as I can see it slightly squishing/moving/dragging the soft plastic of each preceding layer. Does this mean that I am leveling the bed with the z-height too close to the bed? Because I find I have adhesion issues on the first layer if I move it any higher away from the bed.


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Re: Print head dragging on preceding layers
October 09, 2017 05:56PM
Not really, i would say that Z is not moving enough to clear the previous layers that are printed.
This could be for a few reasons,
Calibrate the Z steps, make sure Z moves 100mm when told to move 100mm
Too much palstic being extruded, calibrate the extruder steps
Re: Print head dragging on preceding layers
October 11, 2017 07:29AM
I was sure I posted this yesterday. Try again.
Are you sure this is not the normal issue with printing small items?
If the time for a layer is low the filament doesn't have enough time to cool and the next layer drags the previous layers material about. This may look like your hitting it.
Standard solutions are:-
Insert pauses in the GCODE so each layer has time to cool.
Print several parts at the same time so the total time for each layer is higher and allows time for the material to cool. (Most common fix as its easy)
Use a cooling fan.

If not then Obewan has highlighted the main areas to look at.
1st layer height setting is probably not your issue. If its the 2nd layer only it can be over extrusion on the 1st layer either because you have set it high or because the z offset in your slicer is not compatible.
Re: Print head dragging on preceding layers
October 11, 2017 11:39AM
Thanks, this sounds promising. I believe (hope) my slicer had an option somewhere for minimum layer time. If that's not it then I will try checking what Obewan suggested.

This made me realize I think there might be a problem with my cooling fan... because I've never seen it spin even though cooling is enabled. I will start a new thread for that If I don't hear back from the supplier soon!

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