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ABS not like being printed slowly?

Posted by WesBrooks 
ABS not like being printed slowly?
December 21, 2017 04:53AM
Hi All,

I'm back to pitching a battle with ABS in order to get a new printer carriage part that will enable the extruder to be carried above the carriage. Anyhow, that's almost irrelevant!

I'm investigating an enclosure, but following other conversations on here I'm printing with two perimeters and 2 top and bottom solid layers and just about getting by. One thing I noticed this morning was I thought I was struggling with over extrusion (titan + V6, steps tuned and extrusion multiplier at 1) but things improved greatly when I significantly increased the speed from default slic3r settings where it has options to slow things down, eg; base later, small perimeters, external. This was most obvious on the base layer, where it wasn't laying flat on the kapton. Alas I'm struggling with the bowden and small standard motor on the titan which means I can't get up to normal print speeds with 200% extrusion width.

Anyone else noted this sort of behaviour? I'd been slowing things down to try and get them to stick, but looks like this may have been a brown trout, red herring, or something like that!

Edit: It threw a particular wobbly (literally - outer perimeters at this section looked well over cooked) when printing small blocks of solid infill, dropped the solid infill trigger way down to reduce this issue.

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Re: ABS not like being printed slowly?
December 21, 2017 04:56AM
Now I think about this a little more is this a black filament issue? Soaking up heat from the hot end when it dwells over an area for too long?

Current extrusion temps 220|215
Layer 0.35|0.30
Nozzle 0.4
Filament (old from RS) black 1.75
Re: ABS not like being printed slowly?
December 21, 2017 05:08AM
...with regards to the part I need I've just noticed that a sample of PETG that I got from TCT Show will be enough for this so that may be far easier!
Re: ABS not like being printed slowly?
December 21, 2017 11:53AM
With no enclosure ABS is tough to print. PETG has its challenges but if you have no enclosure PETG is almost certainly your better choice.
Re: ABS not like being printed slowly?
December 21, 2017 02:45PM
It was certinally a lot closer than the ABS but not easy. Part warped. Got a tiny bit of PLA left so will try with that as a temporary measure.

Curious aboit the ABS working better faster though.
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