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Questions about print seams...

Posted by ampapa 
Questions about print seams...
January 30, 2018 04:14PM
In Slice3r there are 3 options for seams Random, Nearest and Aligned.

1- Nearest method, nearest to what?

2- Aligned, some of the seams are aligned but not all of them. In some of my prints the seams are inline for half the model then aligned somewhere else in the half of the model, what gives? Can I dictate where the seam is going to be placed? if not, why not and what determines its location meaning can I influence that by re positioning my models in space? Seams (get it) like we should be able to dictate where the seam is going to be in the model.

Since my prints are starting to look better with the exception of the seams I thought I might try and improve them.

Re: Questions about print seams...
February 02, 2018 01:43PM
w.hen a print starts it begins at a point does a layer and comes to same spot does next layer and repeats and when it is done you will see a line up the part that can be ugly. 3 settings aligned it does the start same place then nearest offsets each consecutive start point shifted from the original and random the start point is all over the place and seam is not seen
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