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Ideas to print Nylon and other "impossible" filaments

Posted by o_lampe 
Ideas to print Nylon and other "impossible" filaments
February 06, 2018 04:17AM
I haven't tried it myself, but read here that Nylon and other filaments are often hard to make them stick to the print bed.
This is, because we are looking for a bed surface that holds the part while printing, but popps off, when cooled down.

One idea is to print on a surface that really bonds with the part and when done, using a hot wire to cut it off the bed.
Or use a sheet of Nylon to print Nylon. The sheet would then be the bottom of the part and can only be used once.
Re: Ideas to print Nylon and other "impossible" filaments
February 08, 2018 11:32AM
An idea just flashed into my head here.....

What about making up a nylon base that is held onto the print bed via some mechanical system, clips maybe.
This could be a marketed that can be cut down to bed size if needed, perhaps 1mm thick precision piece....

This would be cut back after printing on it.....
Re: Ideas to print Nylon and other "impossible" filaments
February 09, 2018 11:42AM
I tried the approach, but it turned out that the base material never connected nearly strong enough to the printed material.

Re: Ideas to print Nylon and other "impossible" filaments
February 09, 2018 02:31PM
I don't know about a 1mm nylon plate, it seems to me that would be too thick. As Srek mentioned, it doesn't seem that you'd get enough "melt in" to make for the base layer adhering to it.

Possibly a thin film though. A sheet of something like 6mil nylon would be thin enough not to completely sink the heat from the extrusion, nor insulate the extruded layer from a heated bed, but should still be thick/strong enough to hold the printed layer in place if it's clamped firmly down outside of the print area. (Googling 'nylon film' also results in a thermal adhesive version which sounds like it may fit the bill even better.)

All bets are off when the nylon starts to shrink though, since the film will not provide much effective resistance to that. Curling might be a real problem since nylon can shrink more than twice as much as ABS.

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Re: Ideas to print Nylon and other "impossible" filaments
February 10, 2018 08:24AM
The Nylon base plate/sheet would have to be heated up. IDK were the difference is between layer bonding and bonding to a solid plate with same temperature?
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