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Marlin Home Position

Posted by redRIver 
Marlin Home Position
February 20, 2018 07:15PM
Hi Everyone,

I am totally new to 3D printing having just finished my first machine build (FLSUN i3)... I have been reading the documentation for Marlin trying to figure out a simple issue, but I'm not sure as to the vocabulary to use. That is, I'm having trouble finding a solution likely because I'm not sure how to phrase the question. So, let me try posting rather than “googling” any further.

When I send the Home command, G28, the system “zero’s out” correctly by hitting my X/Y end switches. First it hits X to find 0, then it hits Y to find 0 (let’s forget Z for this question). Once completed, the nozzle is then sent to X85, Y111.

1) My bed is square (200x200), and thus the center is x100, y100. Why would the nozzle go to x85, y111? I assume it is programmed in the config file somewhere? Do I need to get into the code and recompile the firmware?

1) In order to place the nozzle at x100, y100, I must tell the system to move to x103, y95 (which is actually 100,100 on the bed). I assume that is my “offset” (the difference between that and 85/111). I have attempted to change this using M206 followed by M500 to save, but every time I do so, hitting home brings me back to x85, y111.

What I really want to do is configure the center or my nozzle to be the center of the bed. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Marlin Home Position
February 21, 2018 02:44AM
What if you move the endstops to compensate the off-offset? Maybe add some screws to trigger the endstop switch in a adjustable way. ( IDK the details of a FLSUNi3 )
Another option is to change the firmware, but I don't recommend that to a newbie. Except you got the current configuration.h file from FLSUN.

Third option is to use G92 X... Y... after homing to tell the printer, where it is.
It doesn't really matter for Z-homing, when the nozzle isn't exactly in the middle of the bed.
Re: Marlin Home Position
February 21, 2018 05:30AM
When it hits the X endstop, is the nozzle at the left edge of the bed ?
When it hits the Y endstop, is the nozzle at the front edge of the bed ?

In the marlin config.h there are #Defines that set the size of the bed and the origin point, maybe they are incoorrect.
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