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z problem first layer or two

Posted by skaha 
z problem first layer or two
April 01, 2018 03:22PM
Hi another newby, for some reason my printer ( a prusi clone ) is not raising on the z after printing the first or second layer, after that it works fine thru out the print. The nozzle drags over the print until after the first or second pass then works fine. I have the first layer set at .03 and the rest at .02. I am using Repetier for a host with Cura for slicing. I have no clue what Is causing it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Re: z problem first layer or two
April 01, 2018 05:16PM
You sure you really mean 0.03mm and 0.02mm and not 0.30mm and 0.20mm?
Does the height of your printed object matches the height of the model you've sent for print?

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Re: z problem first layer or two
April 02, 2018 07:19PM
Thanks for your reply, your right about the decimal point, i think the problem is fixed, i deleted the Repetier program and reloaded it, I suspect some idiot was playing with settings not knowing what they were doing, i say this while looking in the mirror.
Appreciate your reply.
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