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Delta Printer Home and Step Issue

Posted by Naktrem 
Delta Printer Home and Step Issue
April 14, 2018 12:34PM
Hello there,

I managed to build my first delta printer but i have issues with it. First one is I calculated my steps per mm 80 in prusa calculator (And I quadruple checked it) but it turns out that it should be 160 in order to prints have correct scale otherwise they are 2x Smaller. Second issue is when I try to home my printer it rises on the z axis as expected but then stops and shake really hard then move up a bit again and stops without touching the endstops. (And yes all enstops are in correct position relative to their axes)

Hope you guys can help.

P.S. I put my config file it might help you to understand my issue. Thanks.
open | download - Configuration.h (70.4 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (63.7 KB)
Re: Delta Printer Home and Step Issue
April 15, 2018 02:06AM
Your steppers are probably 0.9° types instead of 1.8°, hence the 160 steps/mm. Or your drivers run in 1/32 microstepping ( DRV8825) instead of 1/16?
Re: Delta Printer Home and Step Issue
April 29, 2018 08:15PM
what happens if the printer is only a few mm from the endstops? You may have the wrong z height (but that may be fixed with the proper steps/mm) The printer wont want to move further than the length of the Z while homing
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