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Z axis too high

Posted by tmccar 
Z axis too high
April 24, 2018 03:46PM
After uploading firmware, I find that the Z axis is set way too high. (About 80mm above the bed).
A G28 will not change the Z level.
The printer had been working ok before the upload.

Also, each new G28 I issue causes the Z to go still higher

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Re: Z axis too high
April 24, 2018 06:22PM
sounds like the Z probe is being triggered all the time. So each G28 you issue it moves the bed and reads a probe trigger and stops.

Check if you need to invert your probe trigger.
Re: Z axis too high
April 25, 2018 01:33AM
I think I had the wrong firmware loaded.I uploaded Jim Brown's Easyconfig 1.1 and the printer responds correctly to the G28.
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