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Printing Nylon with and without carbon fibre Nylon 12 Nylon 6 Taulman 910

Posted by gsport 
Printing Nylon with and without carbon fibre Nylon 12 Nylon 6 Taulman 910
May 18, 2018 09:48AM
Hi, Could do with some help because I am getting none from the filament manufacturer.

I print mostly with Nylon and with varying degrees of success. I have had some great parts and a stack of fails.

Generic cheap Nylon 6 has actually worked OK for me. I've done some quite big parts 200mm across. Lots of warping but dry filament and PVA on heated glass (actually not that hot around 60C) has stuck OK most of the time.

Taulman 910 also on PVA on glass has been OK too though the finished parts are not very stiff.

So now I am trying Fillamentum Nylon CF 15. And I cant get it to stick well at all. Fillamentum claim this is a Nylon 12 with 15% carbon fibre. By my reckoning this should shrink a lot less than the generic nylon 6. The end result of my few successful prints is excellent, very stiff and very strong but even small parts 50mm max dimension, suffer a lot of warping that often pulls off the bed.
It doesn't seem to stick well to my normal PVA. It sticks better (but still not well) to glue-stick. And I've also experimented with Kapton, masking tape (it stuck to the tape fairly well but pulled the tape off the glass), hairy nylon fabric glued to the glass with PVA (pulled the fabric off the glass), Magigoo (no luck at all) and a few other things.

Has anyone had any success with these CF (or glass) filled nylon 12's? Or just plain nylon 12? Any ideas? Has anyone got a source of glass of CF filled Nylon 6 at a good price or any other filled nylons?

Fillamentum's tech support has been terrible by the way. Taken around 10 days to answer each email and then with useless responses. They suggested using Magigoo (which didn't work at all) and then started saying that the material does warp a lot and isn't suitable for big parts...

I have found Tufnol works for nylon 12. Cut a 250 mm round of 0.8mm thick Tufnol whale, and clipped it to my glass bed with Swiss clips. Don't print the first layer too close, otherwise the print will stick too well.
Should have mentioned that Tufnol is recommended by Rigidink for their nylon filaments
Re: Printing Nylon with and without carbon fibre Nylon 12 Nylon 6 Taulman 910
May 21, 2018 06:49AM
Thanks Adrian,

I've heard of the Tufnol being a possibility but wasn't sure what type people were using, I'll look into some whale. Do you know if this holds for the carbon filled ones?

Hi George
Sorry no I haven't tried
Re: Printing Nylon with and without carbon fibre Nylon 12 Nylon 6 Taulman 910
June 05, 2018 07:57AM
In case anyone else stumbles on this thread whilst looking for help...

Gave up on the Fillamentum Nylon CF15, just couldn't get it to stick despite trying everything they (eventually) suggested on their very slow tech support email, and lot of other ideas I made up myself. It was OK for small parts but anything over 20mm is going to warp and getting bed adhesion is very very difficult.

On the positive side I bought myself a reel of 3DXTech CarbonX CFR-Nylon and it prints like a dream. Used settings found in the comments on the product webpage (glass, gluestick, 80 bed and 260 nozzle) and first print was successful and I haven't changed anything since. Sticks really well, comes off with a little water, almost zero warping, good adhesion etc. Haven't really strength tested the parts yet but they look very promising.

Hope this helps others.

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