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Repetier Host Enqueueing "G28", "G29", "G1 Z3" Commands in middle of Gcode for Unknown Reason

Posted by ellis83 
Hi all,

I'm using Repetier host to deliver Gcode to my 3D printer. I'm sending fairly simple Gcode generated by a python script with move and extrude commands. If I save the Gcode to an SD card and run it it works as it should, but if I add it to the Gcode Editor in Repetier host and run it, the printer starts running the Gcode, but will enque the following three commands in the middle of the print and often loops several times with them:

echo:enqueueing "G28"
echo:enqueueing "G29"
echo:enqueueing "G1 Z3"

It is also spitting out the following errors in those loops:

Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 97
Resend: 98

I don't know why it is doing this, but it does it generally at the same spots in the print (although not always depending on if I have homed the printer before trying to run this Gcode). I atached a text document with the output of Repetier host.

When it finally stops looping G28, G29, and G1 Z3 it is at the home position, but the position in Repetier Host becomes the end position of the print I am sending via Gcode even though it's not at that position.

I am using a Korean 3D printer from Clone 3D, their K200 model. I also tried running code generated from my python script through Repetier Host on a Monoprice Mini V2 and it works just fine on there. Originally, it was doing bed autoleveling in this loop as well (the G29 command) but I disabled that in the firmware (marlin) as it is not something I'm using for my application.

Does anyone have any idea why I'm getting these G28, G29, and G1 Z3 commands in the middle of my print? I hope I'm missing something fairly simple.


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open | download - RepetierHostOutput.txt (4.8 KB)
"Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 97
Resend: 98"

this is caused by communication errors

replace your usb cable with a shielded better one.
That makes sense that with the SD card
working as it should. I'll give that a shot. Thank you for the reply!
I changed the USB cable and port I was using on my computer. Nothing seemed to change and I'm still getting the same errors and behavior.

Does anyone know if there may be a section in the firmware that would be pushing the auto home command? I have a second one of these K200 printers I use for normal 3D printing and that one also does the exact same enqueueing of G28, G29 and G1 Z1 when I try to send Gcode via repetier host. It seems like the printer tries to send the G28, G29, and G1 Z1 commands prior to the print, but for some reason they take a while to send and execute in the middle of the print.'

Is there a way to disable the auto home prior to a print in the marlin firmware?

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looks like a comms problem to me.
I see 2 things going on.
The printer is not keeping up with the host. It keeps missing lines and asking for resends. Try reducing the baud rate in the host. .
Do you have start/end settings in Repetier. Im wondering if the glitches in the comms are making Repetier think its starting/ending and trying to send the apropriate codes. Theres at least one instance where it states its finished printing after 25 lines which is clearly wrong.
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