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Failing to print with dissolvable support

Posted by daishi 
Failing to print with dissolvable support
December 10, 2018 01:42PM
Hi guys,

I am desperately trying to get water dissolvable support to work, but the result always looks like this:

It is supposed to look more like this:

I already tried different filaments like PVA and in this case Filamentum Atlas. Atlas is supposed to be more temperature resistent than normal PVA.
I also tried two different printers: My homemade one with a Bowden E3D hotend and a Rise3D N2.

Here are my settings in Simplify3D:

I also tried different temperatures for the support, the print in the picture was done with 190°C.
Temperatures over 205° seem to burn the plastic and clog the nozzle.

For me it looks like either the printer is not extruding enough support or the material does not stick to the base material (PLA).

Any suggestions are more than welcome!


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Re: Failing to print with dissolvable support
December 10, 2018 06:03PM
I feel your pain. I have those same problems.I don't think it will ever work with a Bowden type extruder pushing 1.75 PVA filament. PVA flexes like a rubber band making retraction difficult at best. The one exception is Ultimaker but they use 3.0mm PVA .A whole lot more rigid. I believe a direct drive feeder is best for 1.75 PVA. I only have Bowdens for my Chimera so I can't verify. Tomorrow I'm getting some HIPS and a can of limonene and will report back.
Re: Failing to print with dissolvable support
December 11, 2018 10:54AM
My homemade printer has a Bowden for the right extruder and the left one is direct.
I will try to print the support with the left one and the PLA with the right one. Maybe that helps.
On the other hand, the Rise 3D I tried has the bond tech upgrade for the extruders and both are direct.

I wonder how people successfully print with these materials.
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