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Dragon with Peek filament

Posted by lesean 
Dragon with Peek filament
March 10, 2019 07:44PM
Hi all.

The most expensive dragon I ever print. It's only 80mm height. cost: $32

Peek: 1.75mm

layer height: 150 micron
speed: 20mm/s
infilled: 40%
nozzle: 0.4
heat: 395C
Bed: 140C
chamber: 70C

p.s. Have you guys try dragon before, what is the lowest layer height 200micron or 100micron or 50micron...etc....
open | download - Peek-Dragon.jpg (38.1 KB)
Re: Dragon with Peek filament
March 11, 2019 06:25AM
It came out great! Are you using a water cooled hot end? What kind of printer? Are you going to anneal it?

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