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He refuses (Arduino) to install Marlin !!confused smiley

Posted by Mav-erick 
He refuses (Arduino) to install Marlin !!confused smiley
April 22, 2019 09:35PM
Hello everyone.

This message (distress). I followed a tutorial step by step to install "Marlin" on the motherboard of my Anet A8, I looked for a solution everywhere and I always come to the same conclusion: or I am completely clogged and hermetic everything about Arduino, or so I missed something essential ... to summarize, after trying again and again, changed port, I even changed the cable usb etc ... I always have the same error message at the end of the upload : #error "Unknown MOTHERBOARD value set in Configuration.h"

Even worse because my printer is not working properly !! I wanted to print a small piece to fix a tool and the printer started messing around !! at the beginning already the nozzle made several trips to the four corners of the board by drawing lines that cut the already started bonding layer (???) and then the impression by itself started normally until I be intrigued by a suspicious noise. it was the nozzle that rubbed on the pla looking closer I deduced that the machine did not superimpose the layers because the Z axis remained at the same level.

So if someone can put his knowledge to help me solve this little problem I'm interested.

Good day to all.

Please excuse my english. I am French and not well trained in English.sad smiley

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Re: He refuses (Arduino) to install Marlin !!confused smiley
April 23, 2019 04:30AM
how about showing us the MOTHERBOARD line from your Configuration.h ?

Presuming its a recent version of Marlin.

It should look like this
// The following define selects which electronics board you have.
// Please choose the name from boards.h that matches your setup

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Re: He refuses (Arduino) to install Marlin !!confused smiley
April 23, 2019 08:04AM
The forum is filled with users who would be willing to help you get your 3D Printer' back to working order.

As Dust has stated to you, we could examine your firmware configurations.
I normally ask those who request help to post their firmware onto a Share service like Google Drive and post the shareable link here.

When you post tell us about your 3D Printer the make, model and any upgrades that may require firmware changes.

This will give us the best way of diagnosing the problem, and helping you learn the process of upgrading your firmware.

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Re: He refuses (Arduino) to install Marlin !!confused smiley
April 24, 2019 04:39PM
It sounds like your Arduino could not compile the version of Marlin you used. (Your English is better than my French, no apology needed!)
First go here to get the latest Arduino IDE to install:
Get the Windows installer, not the app (I have heard a few problems with the Windows App).

Now go here to get the latest Marlin image:
It looks like 1.1.9 is the latest tested release

After you unzip the Marlin code, get the configuration files for the Anet A8 from:
..\Marlin-1.1.9\Marlin\example_configurations\Anet\A8 folder
and put them into the
..\Marlin-1.1.9\Marlin folder
replacing the default configuration files. This will compile. If you have a stock Anet A8, you won't need to adjust the hot end offsets for the X/Y zero/zero location. If you have a customized hot end, you will need to do some measuring to get the correct location of where the head parks with respect to your print bed.

This combination will compile and download and work with your A8 LCD and everything.

I did this a few months ago (I have a customized hot end on my Anet A8).

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