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Really odd 3DBenchy issue

Posted by tgmorris99 
Really odd 3DBenchy issue
July 04, 2019 08:08PM
I've recently switched out my Arduino+Ramps for a 32-bit SKR V1.3+TMC2208 UART configuration on my HyperCube. Everything seems to be running OK and test cubes are printing fine using both Cura and Slic3r. However when trying to print a 3DBenchy using Slic3r I get a really weird artifact where it prints what looks like an additional perimeter on the hull as soon as the transom is encountered. At first glance I thought it was a layer shift but is definitely not. I loaded the Slic3r generated gcode into Cura and it looks fine so I really don't have any idea as to what's causing this. I did have the Z seam set to Align so reprinted it with Random and it looks the same. Cura prints it out fine but the overall appearance/finish with Slic3r is a bit nicer so I'd really like to solve this.

Slic3r version is 1.3.0.

Anybody ever run into such a thing before?
open | download - benchy-perimeter-issue.jpg (67.6 KB)
Re: Really odd 3DBenchy issue
July 04, 2019 08:17PM
Ah - the infamous "waterline". I saw that when I switched to using Slic3r (I used Cura earlier). The problem is due to lack of cooling on that layer. By default Slic3r tries to avoid using the fan if the layer time is longer than a certain amount, while Cura pretty much just runs the fan all the time. The "waterline" is the first layer of the Benchy which takes a while so the fan turns off, and the layer ends up deforming a bit.

Change the cooling settings so "keep fan always on" is set, and set a minimum fan speed of 50 or 60% and you should see the waterline reduce dramatically. 75% minimum fan should make it disappear completely.
Re: Really odd 3DBenchy issue
July 04, 2019 11:22PM

I'll set it up in the morning and give it a go @ 75% as leaving the low value @ 35% resulted in a poor quality print. However turning off the variable bit completely so the fan stayed at 100% the entire print also resulted in poor quality. I'll need to baseline things again to ensure the only changes from the earlier print to current are the fan settings.

What's odd though is that the Cura settings were with the fan always on @ 100% so I'm surprised the Slic3r one set the same way went so far downhill in quality by comparison.
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