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My printer stopped starting up! confused smiley

Posted by Mackman5 
My printer stopped starting up! confused smiley
July 31, 2019 06:40PM
After having my printer in my basement for a few months, I tried starting it up. I am using a Raiscube R2 printer, and all started normally. It was only after I had tried to move a stepper motor through the printer's system that the printer shut off, and will now only show a blank screen on startup, the printer won't even beep when powered (I did not move the motor by hand, I know that can cause issues).

I tried adjusting the screen's contrast, but to no avail. I did notice that one of the four stepper motor drivers was getting much hotter than the others, and after further research have concluded that either the motor driver burned out, and this is what is stopping startup, or the voltage regulator on the board burnt out.

Right now I am trying to figure out if the problem can be solved by just replacing the motor driver, but I am unsure if a non-working driver would cause a printer to not boot correctly.

If anyone knows if a broken motor driver may stop the printer's startup please let me know.

Re: My printer stopped starting up! confused smiley
July 31, 2019 10:10PM
If the stepper driver is removable, remove it. The firmware might error, but the board would normally start up if it is missing.
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