Reducing vertical surface roughness?
August 18, 2019 03:30PM
I've finally got my Hypercube printer reasonably dialed in after adding a Zesty Nimble and moving to Klipper. As of now I can print acceptable parts @ 120mm/s, decent parts @ 80mm/s and high quality @ 40mm/s. The only real difference in the levels of quality is the amount of vertical surface roughness so I'm looking for the most cost effective way to improve the situation. For the most part, if the print is illuminated @ 90 degrees they all look very good. Change the lighting to incidental (10 degrees or so) and the surface roughness becomes evident. To be clear, this isn't an extrusion issue or Z wobble. Seems to be a repeatability issue in the XY plane at higher speeds.

Is the next step moving to rails instead of the current 10mm anodized aluminum and bushings or 0.9 steppers on X & Y instead of the current 1.8?
open | download - cal-120.jpg (104.1 KB)
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