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Filament Distrubuters... Which?

Posted by herrgray 
Filament Distrubuters... Which?
April 06, 2020 04:51PM
Hi Guys,

Going a little crazy here... Can't seem to find a good distributer for plastic...
I built my machine about 4-5 years ago.It is mostly aluminum and is rigid as well as heavy. The fastest it will move is 1800mm/m, Printing is 1600mm/m, Hotend is a Dyzend-X (using a v1 Smmothieboard)

I have tried:

Fabadashery PLA I went though alot of it, it was always consistent. Unfortunatly they are gone now...
Rigid.ink the PLA worked good when the roll was not contaminated (got 2 of them) and the diameter was also inconsistent. PLA Plus, prints great but not very strong. The PETG from them was also OK. Also gone
Innofil PLA love the way it printed... voids or bubbles in the plastic would cause missing layers (grrr... why?)
ColorFab PLA/PHA ah... heat creep? funky, melts in the cold zone even with the retract off, going cooler worsens the print quality (maybe it is wet... but worked that way directly from ColorFab)
Membino no, don't ask...
E3D buget (can't remember the name) was OK, printed well... Also,no longer sold (what? why?)
Prusa Prusamanet PLA covered in lint... the whole roll, blowing it out doesn't help... I even added a dust filter made from a sponge. When it is not jamming the nozzel it prints nice and is consistent.

I am at my witts end, this stuff is expensive and takes alot of time to dial in... sad smiley

What are you guys using? What is working for you? I can't keep ordering stuff and throwing it away... It is bad for the enviorment and my wallet. HELP!

Re: Filament Distrubuters... Which?
June 08, 2020 05:30AM
OK.... this is what I have...

Prusament and Colorfab PLA/PHA are made for prinitng at high speeds... If you have a slower machine like mine avoid all PLA that prints using a higher temp (215°).

I ordered some PLA from Form Futura and have been quite happy with it.

I won't be bothering you guys again.
Re: Filament Distrubuters... Which?
June 09, 2020 09:48AM
Esun, Hatchbox, Creality have worked great on all my printers.

Prusament works for me on my Prusa MK3S, but haven't tried it on my Ender 3, Sidewinder X1, or MP Mini Delta

Botfeeder was garbage. worked ok on my sidewinder but wouldn't work at all in my Ender.
Re: Filament Distrubuters... Which?
June 09, 2020 04:34PM
I have purchased all my Filament from E-Bay with prices from $12 and up for roll of ABS, an $16 and up a roll of PLA.

Have not received a bad roll of filament yet!!!

I keep all my filament is a sealed container with Moisture eliminator

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