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When to Recalibrate Pressure Advance

Posted by TheBasicMind 
When to Recalibrate Pressure Advance
April 15, 2020 07:37AM
Does anyone know if Pressure Advance calibration is dependent of acceleration and jerk settings? In other words, if I change these settings, should Pressure Advance be recalibrated? Currently I am doing so "to be on the safe side," however I always like to understand the principle of what I am doing and I would like to try tuning acceleration and jerk, but would prefer not to have to recalibrate pressure advance it doing so is not necessary.

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Re: When to Recalibrate Pressure Advance
April 15, 2020 01:10PM
It should definitely depend on acceleration, since the whole point of Pressure Advance/Linear Advance is to compensate for the acceleration and slowdown at the beginning/end of moves. I don't know about jerk, however.
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