MAXTEMP Error after every Print
April 16, 2020 08:53AM
Since a few days now I have a weird problem with my DIY printer. I'm running Marlin 2.0 and everything has been working fine for a long time. I recently started printing with ABS so I put a cardboard Enclousure around it and disabled the THERMAL_PROTECTION_BED because my heatbed takes forever to heat up. But other than that I made no changes. But eversince then, everytime the printer finishes printing the nozzle stays on the modle and the MAXTEMP error shows up on screen immidiately. I connected the printer to a console to capture the output and right when the error occurs it prints the number 2 many times before displaying the MAXTEMP error message.

What I've tried so far:
- Do a PID autotune and adjust values
- Checked the MAXTEMP which is 275 (I'm only printing at around 230 so I dont think it could be caused by a sudden temperature spike)

I have no Idea what's going on so thanks for any help or ideas
Re: MAXTEMP Error after every Print
May 26, 2020 08:30PM
How are you driving your printer? If you're using Repetier-Host over a USB serial link you can change the default 3D display of the print volume to show the temperature curve instead. You get a scrolling 60 minute display and can select extruder, bed plus output extruder and output bed which display the temperature and the power cycling. It's highlighted a probable hot end thermistor problem on my Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B showing jumps in temperature. I think the thermistor may be loose in the hot end block and making intermittent contact with the metal as the cabling flexes - still to be proven!
It's a bit like a temperature oscilloscope, you’d at least get to see what happens at the end of the print which may help in getting a solution.

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