Autohoming tests X enstop twice but Y endstop only once, doesn't home properly
June 06, 2020 05:04PM
I have a frustrating problem.

When I now try to autohome, autohoming does not go to the center of the build plate. It tests the X enstop twice as before, but now it only touches the Y endstop once and then there is no movement on the Y axis after that.
It then only prints along the front edge of the build plate where it had stopped after triggering the Y endstop the once.

I can move the build plate with move axis command, even after it has touched the Y endstop, so all movement is working.

The only giveaway is that when it tried to autohome it touches the X axis twice (retest) before moving to the center. Y axis touches the endstop only once (no retest) then does not move to the center as it should.

I have no more hair left to pull out... Please help.

Was working fine and suddently, after a code update of Marlin was updated to board, this... I can't find the culprit in any cahnges that were made.

I have Marlin 1.1.9 on a MKS Gen L Reprap board but built it as 400x400x400.

I hope you are safe and well?

Re: Autohoming tests X enstop twice but Y endstop only once, doesn't home properly
June 09, 2020 06:48AM
Possibly the Y direction/home settings are wrong in the config.H file. Print area defined the wrong way round. Sounds like its homing in one direction, hitting the end stop, then cant go the way it wants because it thinks that would be beyond the end stop.
thanks for your reply.

The Y axis is going in the right direction to trigger the min end-stop.

I did notice that I had to change the end-stop setting for X to opposite side and direction of X as well. I did nothing to Y axis. I wonder f that has something to do with it?
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