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Printer is suddenly inaccurate, wrong dimensions on random places

Posted by AmyTheBun 
Printer is suddenly inaccurate, wrong dimensions on random places
June 19, 2020 04:20PM
I should first mention that my printer is my own tool changer based on HEVO that I call the doot changer.
So a few weeks ago when building my new PC I forgot to backup my very fine tuned profile. I got frustrated at that and stopped printing for 2 weeks-month. my printer before that was very reliable. I usually just sent prints remotely and didn't even watch it. i'd easily get 0.2mm tolerance (never could do 0.15mm) and overall my print quality was nice.

so now I figured out I could recover my profile from the old gcodes so I did exactly that. but the issue is that when I reprinted parts I started noticing some of my print-in-place hinges etc are fusing. so I calibrated my flowrate and I am actually underextruding? I calibrated the flow and 1.06 worked for me (it was 1.0-0.98 before for accurate parts).
now my holes are also coming out around 0.4-0.3mm and I can only do 0.25mm tolerances even they need a little break.

The weidest part? my walls and cubes are different all over my print. in one place it's within 0.01, in another it's 0.15mm bigger, on another it's 0.1mm smaller? sometimes it can be 0.3mm bigger (the cube or the wall or whatever I'm printing)
my holes are just generally small tho some square ones were exactly the value they were supposed to be only in one direction.

TLDR: printer lost accuracy after not printing for a while

What I already tried:
Changing the nozzle (to a 0.3mm cause why not)
Cleaning and re-lubricating the bearings (actually added z-wobble when I did but I fixed that by losening-retightening my z nut with the buildplate down
Checking the E-Steps (still exactly right)
Cleaning the extruder gears (was fullllll of filament dust and particles but cleaning them troughly didn't help)

I designed my own tolerance test that only tests one axis at a time and it took some force to break at 0.2mm but i actually broke it and it worked. which is strange.

here is an album of a few prints i did with the dimensions of each part written over the top. not including my latest print (new stepper mounts for the motion system rework)
the purple cube doesn't have dimentions but the two sides are supposed to be 9mm and are pretty much within 0.03mm of that. the bump at the back tho is 0.1mm bigger than it's supposed to be
my main issue is just the tolerance tho. and the fact that my hinges etc come out fused together. and the holes that are undersized by 0.3-0.5mm
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