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Printing PLA on PEI

Posted by dustinoff 
Printing PLA on PEI
June 29, 2020 01:51PM
I was fat and happy with a glass bed, except for what I thought might be a wavy surface. I also could not print a full bed ABS. So I updated to a MIC6 plate and PEI sheet.
ABS works perfect, mostly. PTEG is a little troublesome, but PLA on PEI is almost impossible. It mostly wants to curl, or bubble. Trying to make the offset less creates a very rough surface. I have tried most everything, varying the temp of both bed and nozzle, speed, offset, extrusion, etc...... Does anyone with success have any suggestions?
Re: Printing PLA on PEI
June 29, 2020 04:00PM
I print (Hatchbox and eSun) PLA and (eSun) PLA+ on PEI without any issues. No lift, no bubbling, nice stuck parts. I generally run the heatbed at 65C for both PLA and PLA+. Nozzle for PLA is 190-200 and nozzle for PLA+ is 205. For PETG, this also works, but sometimes I need 70C for PETG on the heatbed and usually 235-245C for the nozzle. I don't print ABS anymore due to the smell/odor/particles, but that would be fine with the heatbed at 110C on PEI.

I do clean the PEI sheet with Rubbing Alcohol every now and again, or I'll also use some no-name generic brand window cleaner that's alcohol based. I used to use the 90% alchol, but the window cleaner works for me and much easier to keep around.

This is the PEI sheet that I used on all of my printers. I haven't had any trouble with any of them with parts warping or not sticking assuming I have the sweet spot for the first z layer.


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