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Extruder not rotating

Posted by Fernigheid 
Extruder not rotating
July 10, 2020 09:32AM
Hello everyone

I have upgraded my Ender3 with a BTT SKR 1.3 motherboard with TMC 2209 stepper drivers.
it all went flawlessly for the first 2 prints untill I notices my extruder did not rotated anymore. so I tested the moter by switching the motor the an other axis, witout any result.

I tried swithcing stepper drivers. no result.. so that lead me to think it was a motor fault. I ordered a new stepper motor (NEMA 17 1.8degrees 4.08kg) I notices it had other coil connections that the stock stepper driver did not have. so I changed the configuration of the connector. but what I now see is that the motor also does not want to turn, not even on another axis..

What could lead to this issue, had anyone this before and how can I fix this please.

Re: Extruder not rotating
July 12, 2020 07:15PM
Are you using the same cable from your original Ender-3 with the other motors? It could be a bad crimp in the connector that not letting it run another motor, or a loose connector.
Re: Extruder not rotating
July 13, 2020 06:47AM
Yes I am using the same connecter. I noticed that the coil windings from my NEMA where diffrent to my Ender 3 stepper motor. So I changed the connector configuration. No he kinda moves but I now have the following issue: [reprap.org]
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