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Creality CR-10 S5 with SKR 1.4 & BL-Touch: Aggressive Y-Axis (Loud Thump in travel)

I moved on to an SKR 1.4 board after two attempts with official Creality boards resulted in both burning out a driver.

Everything works fine, except for the Y-Axis when traveling, and when running the BL-Touch leveling.

I get this odd grinding/grunting motion when the table travels. In normal motion, it's nice and smooth, though: [www.reddit.com]

I also had problems when running the BL-Touch leveling the first few times around, as the table didn't seem to move enough to cover the entire printing surface. But increasing the driver current seemed to smooth things out.

This also causes the print to lose precision and shift at about the 3rd layer.

I've lowered the jerk and acceleration settings, but nothing works.
Re: Creality CR-10 S5 with SKR 1.4 & BL-Touch: Aggressive Y-Axis (Loud Thump in travel)
August 12, 2020 10:20PM
There are so many problems implementing BLTouch - the list is long.
I went the same route with my CR-10s clone. I bricked one SKR 1.4 Board, then just forgot about it and switched to good old RAMPS (which I would highly recommend! )
While playing with the BLTouch you may damage the stepper drivers, which are soldered onboard and therefor... ok, back to your problems:
There is a Marlin setting for the Y-Axis speed while probing:

// X and Y axis travel speed (mm/m) between probes
#define XY_PROBE_SPEED 8000

you may play around with this setting. Maybe this is too fast.

Another major problem is the current that the BLTouch draws while in action. About 300mA right through the 5V plane. That can cause jitter and lead to unwanted effects.
I therefore have used a 12V to 5V converter on my RAMPS 12V plane to supply the BLTouch, instead of dragging the system down. You could do that by an external extra 5V supply. That will make the BLTouch as well as your SKR operate more stable.
If you have layers shifted, your current is still too high. So either way it is not ideal.
I loved the SKR system, because it is so compact and well designed, but the 128k memory was never enough for all the options I would like in my printer and then - even if there is an extra BLTouch connector now, the operation seems to be just beyond specs of this tiny little board. Of course, you will need a new housing for a RAMPS based mainboard, but then you are back in an open world with many options (like using TMC20XX drivers, full graphic color touchdisplay etc.).
All in all I have spend several weeks now trying to get the BLTouch running as it should, but there was always something that was not working as it should. I now have overworked my linear rails to remove the wobble of the Y-axis and maybe will return to bread and butter paper calibration, if the BLTouch proves to be delicate and unreliable in productive use.
You may find many videos on Youtube on how nice this thing works, Don´t get frustrated. I can assure you it works - sometimes. And sometimes not.

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