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TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion

Posted by mattXY 
TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion
September 18, 2020 07:25PM
Recently I've upgrade my tronXY X5 to ramps board. Since I didn't find any marlin code to my printer I've get one from a tronXY X5S project and now I'm converting to my printer. At this point I'm having a problem on printing. On the first layer the extruder is stopped or almost stopped. It only makes some 'spider web'. When it goes for the second layer the extruder start working normal. I've try it with the nozzle distant from the bed and it's the same. The temperature is ok and is equal on both layers. The 'first_layer_extrusion_width' configuration is 200%. I use Repetier-Host with Slic3r.
Hope you understand my problem.
Thanks for your time.
Re: TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion
September 19, 2020 03:26AM
Do you have pictures of what happens, and what do you mean with extruder, the hotend or the extruder? If the extruder stops, this could mean there is a blockage in the hotend, for example by forming a 'plug' also caused by heat creep up the hotend after the previous print sometimes. It could also mean that during the first layer the nozzle is too close to the bed. Anyway, pictures. I believe this topic should be in Printing Issues as this doesn't sound like it's related to CoreXY mechanics smiling smiley Would you want me to move it?

Re: TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion
September 21, 2020 05:38AM
The motor that runs the filament is stopped on the first layer. For this video I've try 'first_layer_extrusion_width' configuration to 300% but there is no visible changes. I've got some troubles to focus the camera on the video. I have some marks on the wheel of the filament motor to see the difference on both layers.
I didn't realize that this topic is for mechanics. Please move it for the right place.

Link for the video:

Re: TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion
September 21, 2020 12:34PM
Okay clear, if you stop the print during when it's stuck. Stop the print and then try to pull out the filament manually while the hotend is still hot. If you feel a lot of resistance it's definitely forming a plug. I would try that first. If the filament looks thick and is very hard to pull out it means that at the end of a print, or in your 'stop' command there might be a retract that retracts the filament too far back causing molten filament to end up in the cold zone and get stuck.

Re: TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion
September 22, 2020 06:12AM
Check startup Gcode sequence. Make sure you have it wait till temperature before printing.
For good reasons the extruder (motor) wont operate until the hot end is hot.
It looks like its started the movements but the hot end is not hot enough so the extruder is not running. On a fairly small print like this it just happens that the hot end heats up enough for the extruder to turn on for the 2nd layer.
To prove it you can manually turn the hot end on and get it hot before printing.
Re: TronXY X5 first layer under extrusion
September 22, 2020 06:19PM
I try to pull the filament during first layer manually and it goes without any problem. On the instant when the printer start the second layer the filament start the normal (I believe) extrude. During marlin configuration I've calibrated the extrude. So I believe I need to change anything on marlin code or Slicer settings.
I'm following, on the repeater-host graphic, the temperature.

While I was testing that, I've seen a big and fast retract on filament, during print, while the head was travel from perimeter to infill. I believe that this retract is too much. How to change it?.

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