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right side of bed lifting

Posted by gomja 
right side of bed lifting
September 20, 2020 12:13AM
The right side of my bed as measure by my Bltouch on an Ender 3 shows the bed lifting on the right(see attached pic). This wouldnt be a problem though as my bltouch would be correcting it. But it doesnt. The right side on a large flat print is not sticking well and the rest of the bed is level and squished nicely. When I measure the bed with a dial gauge everthing is flat so the bltouch measure is making it print too high. I am using a direct drive addon so the gantry could be sagging. But wouldnt that make it lower instead of higher?
open | download - Ender 3 bed visualization.jpg (52.5 KB)
Re: right side of bed lifting
September 20, 2020 02:53AM
Can it be that there is a mechanical issue? The measurements seem consistently high on the right side.

Is your x-axis level?

Re: right side of bed lifting
September 20, 2020 07:43PM
When I check it with a dial guage it shows x axis as level.
Re: right side of bed lifting
September 22, 2020 06:42AM
Does seem like the Bltouch is the issue. Im not familiar with these. Check the cables or something are not pulling the sensor at an angle.
Do you have Z screws both ends of the X axis rail? If you only have one on the left end then the gantry/rail could sag on the right. If it sags on the right it will think the bed is higher. Did you attach the dial gauge to the gantry/rail and move the hot end in a similar way? That sort of exponential curve is typical of a cantilever.
Check the bed springs look equal on left and right. I assume the sensor is exerting a pressure on the probe so the displacement to the sensor body will depend on resistance from the bed (springs). Check nothing else under the bed is stopping it move on the RHS.
Hope this helps.
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