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prints peel like an onion -Help-

Posted by jdebuhr 
prints peel like an onion -Help-
January 05, 2021 11:23PM
I am lost as to the cause.

Basically when I print an Object, like a 20mm cube, after it is complete and cool, I can peel the side off of it.. I have 3 perimeter layes and I can peel the first 2 for sure.. on any of the 4 sides. This is with PLA, I noticed it more on PETG and when back to look at the prints I did in PLA and it is the same thing..
All axis and extruder are calibrated base don what I have read

Things I have tried:
I did PID Tune on Bed and Hot end ( sanity check)
in the slicer I changed the following either alone or in combinations
Extrusion Multiplier form 1 - 1.2
changed speed settings ( slower)
check bed level, however the bottom couple layers do not peel

layer height is .2

I have not tried
-Extrusion width (set at .45 mainly) Do I try to add to it?

I am using Marlin (however had the same issue and I thought it was the crap acrylic frame causing some issues. frame is now 2020 Aluminum

I am using a RAMBO 1.3Full size board.. All steppers are the KS42STH40-1204A

I have a E3D v6 Lite Extruder with the Prusa MK2 design.. (USing this layout on a Prusa MK2 without issues)

would like to get hte printer working to the point where the perimeters stay together.

I have Hatchbox BLA, TAc Tink PLA, Sunlu PETG , all have the issue on the one printer only MK2 is fine

Thought or suggestions on what to try next?
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Re: prints peel like an onion -Help-
January 06, 2021 02:05AM
... you have not enough material/too big distance -- and/or too low temp, so it won't fuse correct ...

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Re: prints peel like an onion -Help-
January 06, 2021 09:13AM
If its a 0.4mm nozzle then your numbers are about right and increasing the multiplier should have affected it. So that leaves a real problem.
Material shrinkage could have an effect but on a 20mm cube i wouldn't expect there to be enough time for that to be significant.
You say a lot of stuff works on your MK2 so it seems to be machine specific.
Grasping at straws - Step size - just wondering if the controller is set correctly and is capable of getting the spacing and feed rate you require. Perhapse some one else can confirm how you set micro-steping etc.
Re: prints peel like an onion -Help-
January 06, 2021 09:57AM

Yes 0.4mm Nozzle

Basically this Marlin printer is Identical to the MK2 as far as the build.. There are some differences.

this on has Lead screws, MK2 is thread rods (Z set to 3200).. so the Z axis is set to 400 on this printer and when measured for distance it looks correct

MK uses a Mini rambo, this one has a Rambo 1.3 Full size

X and Y are 80 ( however I adjusted them based on measurements on my 20mm Cube so X is 81.15 and Y is 80.64, Z is set at 400

Extruder is set to 88.89 Based on, measuring the filament extruded ( mark the filament at a measure point, run extruder for x distance and measure again)

I lost track of which print is which, but I think I had one with the extrusion multiplier at 1.2 for PETG and I did not have the issue, however, that is a 20% increase. I am wondering if I need to adjust the E step size and try again..
Re: prints peel like an onion -Help-
January 06, 2021 10:32AM
Update.. just did a quick check of my Extruder and I must have done the math wrong.. just adjusted it and will try again with the 20mm cube
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