How to set Heatbed Temperature Range
March 06, 2021 07:04AM

i am facing the following Problem with my Hetbed:

The LED on my Mosfet that indicates if it on or off is flickering very frequently. So im suggesting the Radds Board is giving the heat signal whenever temperature is 0.1°C different to the target temp.
How can I configure a Temperature Range so for example the target temp is 60 and it starts heating again whe temp drops to 58.

Here is some information on my setup:

Printe: Sparkcube V2 (CoreXY)
Heatbed power draw 380W
Board: Radds
Firmware: Repetier FW
Server: Repetier Server

If you need more info just tell me.

Thanks and kind regards

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Re: How to set Heatbed Temperature Range
March 08, 2021 03:32PM
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