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3d printer slipping

Posted by DEMİR 
3d printer slipping
May 02, 2021 03:18PM
Hello everyone.
My printer is slipping randomly. It is happening at different Z point always. I tough the problem can be about current and voltage. So i checked stepper driver voltage and step motor current.
X and E axis step motor is 1.2A and driver voltage is 0.65
Y and Z axis step motor is 1.7A and driver voltage is 0.95
Step motor current is 510 for all axis
X-Y stepper driver TMC2209(with sensorless homing) Z-E stepper driver TMC2208.
Printer is my own desing.
Firmware : Marlin-Bugfix-2.0
Slicer : Prusa Slicer ( i am using it with same configuration a long time. there was no problem until last week. )
Motherboard : MKS Robin E3P V 2.0
I changed the motherboard with new but the problem still going.
When i press "stop print" the motion speed is fall to much while axis is going to home after axis slip and its give an error " homing failed printer halted "
You can see on video.
open | download - WhatsApp Image 2021-05-02 at 21.53.08.jpeg (114.7 KB)
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