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Weird problem

Posted by Koby_88 
Weird problem
November 30, 2021 02:27PM
Hi to all. I recently switched from simplify 3d to prusa slicer. Im amazed how good this slicer is but i have some problems using it.
When im printing multiple objects with thin walls it sometimes mess my inner perimeter, and i dont know why. Interesting if i set full bed of crosses (for example) it will always fail on exact same model at exact same place. What could cause thus problem ? I forgot to mention that im using default prusa profile for ender 3 v2 and prusa slicer 2.4.0
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Re: Weird problem
November 30, 2021 03:18PM
Did you preview the gcode before trying to print? Does it look the way it should at the place where the print is failing?

Try turning on "detect thin walls" in the print settings. If that doesn't work, I'd try reverting to the latest stable release and see if it has the same problem.

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Re: Weird problem
November 30, 2021 03:30PM
Yes on gcode everything looks fine, there is nothing wrong there. I reduced external perimeters speed from 25 mm/s to 10 mm/s and travell speed from 150 mm/s to 80 mm/s there is steel a problem but not that much visible. I did not try stable version of prusa slicer to be honest.
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