Can any slicer do that?
February 17, 2022 04:27PM
1) can a slicer print solid horizontal cross-section every x height interval? For example: 100x100 cube with 10% infill with slicer printing a flat horizontal 'wall' every 10mm.

2) can a slicer start printing horizontal walls right from the bottom even when vertical wall feature does appear later in a print? For example: cylinders stacked on top of each other, each slightly smaller than the previous one - walls for the top cylinders would be projected down and printed right from the bottom layer.
Re: Can any slicer do that?
February 17, 2022 04:57PM
#1- yes. Prusa silcer and slic3r in the print settings>advanced select solid infill every XXX layers. You'll have to calculate the number of layers based on desired spacing and layer thickness.

#2- yes, but fiddly. You can insert modifiers and change wall thickness at each section, so the bottom will have thickest walls, and then set the wall thickness to smaller values as you go up in Z.

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Re: Can any slicer do that?
February 19, 2022 02:49PM
Thanks for pointing out the modifiers. After checking out this video [] I think I should be able to create internal structures in the part by modeling another part in the shape of internal structure I want, with infill set to 100%.

EDIT: seems to be working (except some infill patterns cannot be 100%)- one thing I'm not sure is how well this new infill will be integrated with part's walls since my goal is increased strength.

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