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Peculiar error

Posted by WackoKacko 
Peculiar error
September 15, 2022 03:41PM
Hi, all. Trying to get a polar printer set up. I run a g-code using a .cfg file with cartesian kinematics. keep everything the same, basically, when doing on .cfg with polar kinematics. Then I get the errors:

stepcompress o=0 i=0 c=57 a=0: Invalid sequence
Internal error on command:"G1"

I've attached my gcode, my successful .cfg, my unsuccessful .cfg, and my unsuccessful .cfg's klippy.log.

I'm running Klipper on Octoprint. This is a custom setup with a Raspberry Pi 4B, an Arduino Mega2560, and a RAMPs1.4. Printer parts custom. Unimportant, I think, but there it is. I slice using SuperSlicer.

Many thanks in advance.

Also posted on Reddit: [www.reddit.com]

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open | download - doesnt_work.cfg (2.4 KB)
open | download - works_cartesian_homing.cfg (2.5 KB)
open | download - klippy_defiant.log (6.5 MB)
open | download - super_torus.gcode (242.4 KB)
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