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Slic3r6.0 Sensitivity

Slic3r6.0 Sensitivity
January 29, 2012 12:18AM
Slic3r seems very sensitive to the # of facets in a counter-intuitive way. It seems that the finer resolution I create the .stl with (using Solidworks) the more arc artifacts are seen. These can range from rounding 90-deg corners, or drawing large arcs around the outside of the part.

Specifically, this seems to only be affecting the perimeter, as the fill always seems to be correct regardless. As my Pronterface g-code viewer is down, I cannot confirm 100% that its not Marlin acting up.

Can anyone slice and print:

As this always seems to result in weird artifacts when I try to print it, but the artifacts vary in quantity and intensity when I regenerate the .stl in Solidworks at varying resolution levels...
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