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object wider than designed

Posted by jf pion 
object wider than designed
July 02, 2012 06:40PM
when I print the joined STL the outside size is correct on my printer (99.98 in X and 99.86 in Y)

but the wall is far wider 5.5 instead of 5mm.

if I print the 20mm cube i got 20 x 20 with a wall of 5.4 x and y direction instead of 5mm

slicer 8.4 nozzle 0.5 layer 0.4

am I the only one with this problem ?

could someone make a try to be sure it is not my printer (even if I can't see a mechanical pb which make the wall larger in all the direction, for all my print)

the curious thing is the outside dimensions are correct so it doesn't look like that's a configuration problem

the backlash seem to be < 0.1 mm in x and Y (tested withe the special print from thingiverse)

with the puzzle stl the 10 mm wide are 10.5mm (x or y orientation) the 25mm are 25.4 the 60 mm is 60.18

the infill is honeycomb 0.3

do I miss something obvious ? do you get the same results ? is it a bug ?

thank you
open | download - 100_100 int ext 5.stl (4.6 KB)
open | download - 20mm_box_with_hole.STL (1.6 KB)
open | download - puzzle test.stl (4.6 KB)
Re: object wider than designed
July 03, 2012 10:36AM
when i try to print the joined stl 0.5 wide, 0.4 layer nozzle 0.5, infill 0 perimeter 1 i got the attached gcode

when i look at it i can see:

G1 X135.150 Y54.850
G1 Z0.640
G1 F1800.000 E1.00000
G1 X135.150 Y145.150 F1800.000 E3.55497
G1 X44.850 Y145.150 E6.10993
G1 X44.850 Y54.850 E8.66490
G1 X135.075 Y54.850 E11.21775
G1 F1800.000 E10.21775
G1 Z1.640 F5400.000
G92 E0
G1 X139.850 Y149.850
G1 Z0.640
G1 F1800.000 E1.00000
G1 X40.150 Y149.850 F1800.000 E3.82093
G1 X40.150 Y50.150 E6.64187
G1 X139.850 Y50.150 E9.46280
G1 X139.850 Y149.775 E12.28161
G1 F1800.000 E11.28161
G1 Z2.040 F5400.000
G92 E0
G1 X135.150 Y145.150

145.15-54.85=90.3 for an inner wall of 90 mm which should be 90.5 as the extrusion width is set to 0.5

the same 149.85-50.15=99.7 instead of 99.5

0.15 more on each side it explain the 0.3 more for the wall size.

look like slicer doesn't take the extrusion width correctly
open | download - 100_100_5.stl (6.9 KB)
open | download - 100_100_5_export.gcode (71.8 KB)
Re: object wider than designed
July 03, 2012 02:35PM
Yes, a regression is causing objects to be wider by 0.1mm in Slic3r 0.8.4. The fix will be included in the upcoming release.
Re: object wider than designed
July 03, 2012 05:44PM
great thank you
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