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Most stable version of Slic3r

Posted by GITRDUN 
Most stable version of Slic3r
September 15, 2012 06:35PM
Let me start with i love slic3r. Now let me vent my frustrations.

It seems to me every new release fixes a bug found in the previous release. And then a new release has to be made to fix the bugs in the new release and also creates other bugs. Then a bunch of new features are added and the whole mess starts over again. Why cant the creators just stop for a moment and fix all the bugs in any given release before adding more features and causing more bugs. At least we would have a solid bug free version to revert back to until a latest release can be debugged. I cant keep track of which version i last had the best results from due to all the strange bugs in each release. I really like Slic3r but im about to give up and try some of the other software out.

So can anyone tell me which version is the most bug free? Seems to me i had almost no bugs in version 7 something or other but cant remember which.

I know this is free software and i apreciate the hard work of the software creators.

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Re: Most stable version of Slic3r
September 15, 2012 10:26PM
The only one I use and recommend is 0.7.2b. It does have two bugs I know of but they are both easy to work around. 1) Prints the points of sharp things as separate dots when it should just ignore them (easy to remove after). 2) Infill will escape the perimeter sometimes (rotate the model a couple of degrees and it fixes the problem).

Now onto what you said about when they release versions. You are not downloading release versions, you are downloading early beta versions hence the number. Once we get a 1.0.0 we will be onto an actual release of the software.

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Re: Most stable version of Slic3r
November 11, 2012 03:56AM
Every version has some issues. That being said, I have been using the latest 0.9.5 for a few days and have not found any issues yet. One person said it was taking longer and creating larger files but I can't confirm that.
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