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Multiple PID Tunings

Posted by marnargulus 
Multiple PID Tunings
October 14, 2012 02:57PM
OK, so here is a script that will change your PID on the fly between settings with the fan on and the fan off. I can make it so it uses more tunings if people want that (say a tuning for 0%Fan, 25% Fan, 50% Fan, 75%Fan, 100%Fan). Right now I have it set for two tunings, On/Off.

The script is called with the following, and outputs to "MultiplePID.gcode"

perl "/pathtoscript/MultiplePID.pl" "/pathToGcode/Input.gcode"

I can make it cleaner if people decide it is worth while, but I'm not really a Perl guy so until I get some input on if this is helpful to others I'm not going to stress myself.

Basically all this script does is search for M106/M107 and switches the M302 PID variables based on the fan being on or off. I can add more logic to search for M106 S*** for more PID tunings if needed.
open | download - MultiplePID.pl (642 bytes)
Re: Multiple PID Tunings
October 15, 2012 02:06AM
I think the idea is good but actually the PID tuning would need to be done while extruding at your actual flowrate..
The flowing filament acts as a better coolant then a fan actually. So that input is totally neglected atm..

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Re: Multiple PID Tunings
October 15, 2012 05:44PM
How you get your secondary PID tunings doesn't matter (with filament, fan, heated chamber, vents, etc), this just switches between the two settings.
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