Slic3r Unable to render deck of bridge
November 05, 2012 10:17AM
I am having trouble getting Slic3r to render the deck of this bridge model i am trying to print on my Solidoodle. When i generate the STL file it is able to create the bridge deck, but slic3r completely ignores it.

Any ideas?
open | download - Bridge Model.skp (78.6 KB)
open | download - Bridge Model.stl (92.4 KB)
Re: Slic3r Unable to render deck of bridge
November 11, 2012 03:30AM
While I am not sure how to fix it (I am new to Sketchup) I can tell you that you have non manifold edges. Use Meshlab to show them. See the attached jpg and all the red areas show issues. I think it's because your bridge is curved but is one single face. It needs to be made up of flat faces so many flat faces hooked together can make a curved surface.
open | download - Screen shot 2012-11-11 at 12.12.51 AM.jpg (171.4 KB)
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