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Feature request: slowdown on short extrusions

Posted by sicarius 
Feature request: slowdown on short extrusions
November 21, 2012 06:37AM
Dear Slic3r developers, firstly i want to thank you for your amazing work.. I love Slic3r, i've been using it since one of the earliest versions and i will continue to use it forever!!
Forgive my ignorance if this is already discussed, i'm not so bright in the programming and forum department

I have a little problem since the new slic3r 0.9.5, namely when it fills small gaps (mostly thin walled circles) my printer overshoots the steps on the stepper motors due to the quick sideways 'jerking' motions on infill.
Unless i lower the XYjerk by insane amounts, which ruins other aspects of the print that i usually had no problems with, i cannot print anything with thin walls anymore. It would help me, and hopefully other people greatly if there was somehow a setting that you can slow down the infill on parts with a certain width (or infill line length) so the total print time doesn't go up greatly, and the quality doesn't go down.

Some extra data:
Mendel90 lexan/plexiglass, megatronics v1.0, latest megatronics compatible marlin FW, strongest nema17 steppers i could affordably find (4.8 KG/cm) with the stepstick pots turned completely open, strong enough to push my arms out of the way (yeah, not the best way to test..).

While i'm at it: what changed that made the infill on larger areas randomly stop after a few strokes and start somewhere else? It compromises the strength of the whole print.

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