Bridging and cooling fan controls
April 26, 2013 01:58AM
Hello Everyone,

I've started using Slic3r on my Prusa, but I am having trouble with bridging with ABS. I intalled a 40 mm fan to cool things and set Slicer so only turns on after three layers. That is fine, but on layer 4 and up it runs at full speed at all times, not just when bridging.

As a test I set it to turn on the fan if layers are less than 5 seconds, but no change. It always runs even if layers are taking much more than 5 seconds. I am using a Prusa i3 Y axis corner block as the test piece.

Any tips?


Singularity Machine
Re: Bridging and cooling fan controls
April 26, 2013 06:58PM
After some randomized trials winking smiley I got it to work! One half of the problem was my poor reading of the Slicer fan/cooling settings. The other half of the problems is the poor design/layout of the Slicer cooling settings!

But hey, the sofware is free, and it is putting out G-code. smiling smiley
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