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How to slice almost flat surfaces ?

Posted by Ississ 
How to slice almost flat surfaces ?
May 25, 2013 02:30PM

I'm trying to get this part sliced correctly. Any ideas whatsettings should I use in Slic3r to get the almost flat part printed correctly ?
Object height is 12mm and diameter 42mm.

I also have a model with a thin wall and tried it with infill 1. It was almost success but the print contains ugly blobs where the curve changes. Seems like unnessessary extra perimeters outside the object. Concentric infill is defined but the generated code seems to contain sawtooth fill.

I'm using repetier-host with slic3r 0.9.9 and the printer is a MiniFactory v2. Nozzle size 0.35mm and extrusion width set to 0.32mm. The printer seems to work ok, for example these printed well. 1 perimeter, measured 0.34mm, close enough for me.

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same for me. Tried to print 'Picture-Hoster' and got 'Picture-Hoster'

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