Object not correct size, holes are.
June 10, 2013 07:40PM

Really happy with the new settings of 0.9.9 avoiding retraction as much as possible as over here doesn't go that great when printing objects. Can mess up sometimes bigtime. Hurts more than it solves. Nozzle is 0.35 mm. Am not expert here maybe retraction is a bigger pain when nozzle gets smaller. Just a blindfolded guess. Anyway real happy with the 0.9.9 there.

So that's not my question. Thanks a lot for those features and the writing on the blog that Alessandro did do. Note the video's there are fantastic as well. The video's are a great monument of time as well smiling smiley

At thingiverse i put a few objects i designed in OpenSCAD.
(edit: [www.thingiverse.com] ).

The holes get printed at the correct spot as i show with caliper for the M6 holes. At the error of the caliper accurate. Really happy with that!

The walls of the object are at the wrong spot though. It should be 48.00 mm in X direction the object, yet it's everywhere 47.50 mm. See picture i took with caliper around it.

In Y direction the error is in fact even larger. Again the holes are at the correct spot. So it's a software setting that causes this.

How can i have slic3r 0.9.9 print the object at the outside at the exact size as i designed it?

Many thanks for answerring!

Note CURA has a similar habit. What do i modify to get this and future objects i design printed correctly?
See attached files. Also slic3r's config file attached.

Note that i'm printing orange PLA at a temperature of 211C, though 210C was adviced.

That seems better setting than 210C as the electronics here is bit primitive. It's sanguino 1.3 or something and it has the weird habit of either heating heatbed OR heat nozzle yet not at same time, so that takes care keeping nozzle at 210C is tougher and therefore i put it default at 211C as i see it swing easily to 210.4C and 210.6C.

So effectively putting it at 211C which might seem odd, it takes care it's 210C.

I've got another question about the printed object yet that'll be another new topic. It's small issue on how cool object looks on outside.

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