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deactivate wait temperature

Posted by jojolapatade 
deactivate wait temperature
August 31, 2013 07:20PM
I'd like to know if in slic3r can deactivate wait temperature (M116) automatically during the generation of Gcode.
Re: deactivate wait temperature
September 01, 2013 12:19AM
Yes, go into "Filament settings", "Filament" and set all 4 temps to zero. (Set temps manually in Host s/w)

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: deactivate wait temperature
September 02, 2013 07:36PM
Not sure if this is what you mean but I use these codes in my 'start Gcode' section so that prints start without waiting for extruder or bed temp to be exactly right:

M104 S190 ;set extruder temp to 190 C and don't wait
M140 S55 ;set bed temp to 55 C and don't wait
Re: deactivate wait temperature
September 03, 2013 06:29PM
Thank you Waitaki for information.
Re: deactivate wait temperature
September 12, 2013 09:58PM
Mine is more elaborate, but as for temperature my custom start Gcode has these:

M140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; start heating bed
G28 X0 Y0; home X&Y
G1 X50 Y0 F6000
M109 S[first_layer_temperature] ; extruder temp wait
M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; bed temp wait

I do this so that the time waiting for temperature is waiting on the "long pole", the nozzle temp. By the time the nozzle is up to temp, the bed has long been stable (so the M190 command takes minimal time).

Other commands that follow the above finish auto-homing Z, and extruding an "anchor" blob just prior to printing. It makes for improved first-layer success, as in, it works 100% now.
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