AMF parsing requires XML:confused smileyAX
December 05, 2013 07:15PM
I was working on a utility to merge STL files into an AMF.XML format so that it could be used in scripts. It ran successfully, and the file looks OK on inspection, but when I try to load it into Slic3r (1.0) I get the error "AMF parsing requires XML:confused smileyAX" on the console. Just for laughs, I used slic3r itself to merge two stl files and create and amf.xml file, but when I tried to import it, I got the same error.

I swear this used to work - but perhaps it was before the 1.0 release candidate.

I am trying to do this on Ubuntu 12. I can install the XML:confused smileyAX package, but I assume that Slic3r is self-contained. I scanned through its lib directory, but cannot find XML or XML/SAX. Should these be here?
Re: AMF parsing requires XML:confused smileyAX
December 05, 2013 08:05PM
A little more information. I still have 0.9b installed on my system, and I looked in the lib directory there, and there are two subdirectories: std and vrt. In the std subdirectory, there are 2 more directories - Mozilla and XML.

When I look at the same directory, lib/std, under 1.0, I see MANY files and directories. Mozilla is there, but there is no XML. I tried copying the XML subtree into the 1.0 lib/std directory but it still did not work. The only thing I see in the directory is an ini file.

Another thing to note - under 1.0, the lib/vrt directory only has 3 subdirectories, but the same directory under 0.9b has MANY subdirectories.

I re-downloaded the Linux package and verified that the package contents matched what I saw in the installation directories.

I am going to enter an issue over at github.
Re: AMF parsing requires XML:confused smileyAX
December 06, 2013 02:04PM
I have put my code up at github. Very simple usage: "python file1.stl .... filen.stl output.amf.xml"

The stl file names must exist. The amf.xml file name will be overwritten/created. I do not enforce the file naming conventions, but slic3r does, so be sure to use .amf.xml as your suffix.

Also, I do NOT do anything with the STL data. I do not drop/raise so that the minimum Z is 0 and I do not center the object(s). Whatever coordinates are in the stl files are taken as is and written to the aml.xml file. The code could be easily modified to support these features, and I was thinking of enhancing it a bit, but I'm about to leave on a business trip and I wanted to get this out there.

Sorry - I put this in the wrong thread

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