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Slic3r settings with mach3 (dual extruder)

Posted by Tomis 
Slic3r settings with mach3 (dual extruder)
January 26, 2014 03:46AM

I tried to make a code with extruder 1 and support with extruder 2.
In Gcode both extuders are A not A and B like mach3 uses.
What is wrong?

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Re: Slic3r settings with mach3 (dual extruder)
March 26, 2014 08:49AM
I am also fighting with my dual extruder upgrade, I am starting to wonder if it was really an upgrade afterall.
Slice3r and Repetier host seem to do whatever they want........

I am trying to print a circle with extruder 2 only, but extuder keeps wantin to print a perimiter.
Extruder temperature 2 also wants to run cooler than 1.........

Good thing I am still somewhat young..
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