Z-offset not honoured until program restart
April 14, 2014 06:35AM
I'm having one issue with Slic3r (which in all other regards, seems bloody brilliant!)

I want to configure the height of my first layer, and the offset from the Z=0 position seems to be the only way to do it. When I modify the Z-offset parameter, it requires a program restart before it makes any difference, rather than having an immediate effect on the output.

Has anyone else noticed this? I'm looking at moving my endstop to a lower position and making it adjustable with a screw (at the moment, it's at the top of the Z movement, so takes a little while to re-do everything)

I'll double check a simple gcode file to confirm, but I wonder if everyone else has experienced the same - I've calibrated my z-offset so that the gap to the bed is as close to zero as I can make it when everything is hot, in skeinforge, it would lift the nozzle by 50% of nominal layer height and print a normal height layer (or other, it was configurable and applied changes successfully every print). Has anyone else experienced the same thing? or am I going mad (the latter is always possible)
Re: Z-offset not honoured until program restart
April 14, 2014 06:30PM
I'm using the z offset function too but have not had the same issue you are. I have had it not take other settings on occasion but I usually just have to save it twice then its stuck
Re: Z-offset not honoured until program restart
April 15, 2014 03:31AM
well, I re-tested it last night and it seems to work now - I wonder if it's because it was the first time that slic3r had run (I'd uninstalled a previous version, deleted my .ini files and installed 1.0.0)
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