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Feature request: Configurable layer rotation angle

Posted by majic79 
Feature request: Configurable layer rotation angle
April 24, 2014 04:19AM
When printing solid layers (or using a line or linear pattern infill) it rotates the direction of print by 90 degrees each time - it'd be nice to be able to customise this. Some research has shown that rather than alternating layers, strength of the material can be improved by a small rotation of the weave on each layer:


While this is more applicable to compressed weaves (eg. Carbon Fibre), it may also have an application in 3D print technology, so perhaps a worthwhile addition?
Re: Feature request: Configurable layer rotation angle
April 27, 2014 04:52AM
if its strength youre after you can try this-
1- set infill to 30% or so and rectlinear leaving significant gaps in the grid.(30% infill resulted in a grid spacing of about 2.5mm in this example)
2- set solid infill for every 4 or 5 layers (assuming about .2 layer hieght)
3- set bridge flow ratio to 2
4- check "infill before perimeters"
the "bridge" function will become active and extrude material down into the 3 previous layers. this makes the part nearly impossible to delaminate and the carbon/ABS I am using at the moment is incredibly stout using this technique. adjust 2 or 3 to keep layer height at the right height. if the nozzle is dragging increase # 2 or decrease # 3 and vise-versa. I am getting supper clean prints doing this.
I need to find out what activates "bridge". and for that I will start a new topic

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Re: Feature request: Configurable layer rotation angle
April 28, 2014 06:45AM
Interesting idea. However, how many solid layers would you make? If you do the usual 3-5 solid layers, I'm not sure that would be very useful as the total rotation would be very small.
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